1200 hp ?

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    yeah how long is a piece of string ? ball park figure ??
    bought a 95 1200 S sportster, i dont know of any engine work already done.
    it has following: screaming eagle carby, ign module, open drag pipes -i measured 1"3/4 Dia out of head for around (lenght) 2" 1/2 and goes to 2"3/8 Dia. run 98 ron fuel
    I have to do the fork seals, i dont know the amount required to refill to standard?
    I reckon i need to make up baffle to increase back pressure for more grunt? I'll use a bolt through pipe with washer welded to top of nut on inside,
    I only get around 100 miles to the tank at 70 mph, is this right?
    what bigger tank do you suggest that will fit on easyest (is that a word?)
    I have to ride this thing everyday rain/hail/ shine as only transport. the nearest Harley dealer is about 350 miles away, so as you can see i live in the bush and the only help is self help or if its to sick you have to shoot it....
    i checked out S&S 100 to suit which is about $8053. aust landed, includes carby/g box
    thanks for any help.
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    I have not used a set myself but everything I read about open drag pipes is you loose low end torque. It takes tuning and testing to find the right combination. Having 98 octane fuel really helps and allows you a bigger advantage when it comes to your spark advance curve. Take advantage of it. I am sure between the advance curve and selection of the right set of pipes, you could gain a bunch more power on the lower part of the RPM band.

    And Welcome to the Forum.!
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    Your gas tank, is it the smaller one - 2.5 or so US gallons (about 9.5 Litres)?
    Otherwise your consumption sounds too high.
    On my old XL ('88) I replaced my small tank with a 3.3 USG (about 12.5L) of the same shape, only bigger. I like the 'original' XL look, but you could probably also fit one of the newer, even larger ones.
    Note that the XL frame was redesigned in 2004 to become heavier & rubber mounted (destroying the XL concept IMO, although I do understand why...). The newer tanks may not fit yours.
    As yours, mine had open drags when I bought it. I admit it was cool to have flames spitting out a WOT, but it was hesitiating & running rough and I never got it to run well with those drags. (the centre bolt could help some)
    I replaced them with a V&H high pro-pipe, painted the tank, put on some dragbars and a low seat, converted it from the original 883 to 1200 with high comp pistons and cams, etc.
    That thing went like stink, lifting the front wheel in 1st & 2nd... A mate had a Honda X1000 that I could beat up to about 80-90KPH (~50 MPH), but then he caught me.
    It was buzzing and shaking and was nowhere near mint - I loved that thing.

    I found an old picture:

    XL small.jpg

    This is probably of interest to you:
    Harley Davidson Sportster History | Sportster.org
    (I used to be a member there)
    Have fun!
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    You can get eyehooks or lollipops at Loews to put in the drag pipes, this will give you some back pressure, and still be loud if that is what you want:s

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Curious, regarding fuel tank capacity...is the 2.5 gallon peanut one shown below like yours? 1.9 gallons to reserve means you are getting about 42-45 MPG freeway, which would be about right...

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    Ive got the 2.5gal tank on both sportys 01 and the 09. The 09 gets about 100-120 miles the 01 gets about 85-90. The 01 has wide open header pipes and a mikuni and its not so great in the low end, but it looks and sounds mean. Just depends on what your after. sound and looks, or performance/fuel econ
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    thanks hoople, do you reckon the baffle idear will work? im told it will but dont want to drill unless it works


    Hi man, thanks for info, it looks like i have the smaller,does this tank go by a name or do i just serch for 3.3gal to suit 95?
    wont lift front wheel like yours,(bugger) but runs smooth,


    thanks Jack, Loews????


    thanks for reply 74 gan, yeah mine is the small tank so im informed, Karlbike reply put me right i think, although i am pretty heavy handed with the throttle
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    thanks for reply mate

    have i stuffed up by replying to everyone or do i just post 1 reply.?
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    Welcome aboard Rascal and enjoy the forum.
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    Hey Rascal
    You got to get that thing moving - cams, comp, pipes, gearing - and you'll be nervously wondering why your front suddenly lost contact with the ground;)
    The 3.3 USG tank was orginal on some models (all?) from about your time I think ('95-'96), and I bought mine used off eBay. In other words genuine H-D. IMO, the 3.3 USG tank looks even better, being a bit longer.
    NEWHD74FAN, are you sure that is a 2.5 USG tank? - it looks like it fills the frame like mine did... The two are very similar in looks, but the 3.3 is a bit more rounded, and with the 2.5 you had a gap between the seat and tank.