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    WOW what a shock. I have always performed basic maintenance on my bike in the past, however this is the first bike i have purchased that had under 10k miles it actually had 5175 when I bought it from the dealer. Imagine my surprise when I get the bill for a 10k service $410.00 WHOA.
    What is done at the dealer that I truly couldnt perform myself. somebody please tell me that the $410 was well spent!!! RIDE ON
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    I'm nearly due for my 10k service and I will be doing it myself.

    I had the 1k done at the dealer and havent been back for service since and dont plan to unless I need diagnostics that are above my pay grade. :D

    The thought of trusting that a dealer has checked and tightened everything properly makes me squirm. If I screw it up...my bad, but I trust myself more than some of the tech's I've seen working on scoots.
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    Sorry but I have to ask why you were so shocked - did you not ask for an estimate before handing over your bike?

    If you have to have it done at a dealer, shop around and compare prices. Ask around and see who has a good reputation and is seen as a decent value for the money spent.

    Otherwise, get a service manual, set aside a day or weekend and do the services yourself. If you run into something you don't have the tools to perform or the confidence to do yourself, then have a dealer (HD or a good indy) do just that item and save yourself some $$$.
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    Matter of fact, it is more work getting it done at the Dealership since you then have to go around to all the work they were supposed to have done and double check to make sure all the fasteners are tight, fluid and oil have been put back in, and that the work you were charged for was actually done.

    Get the book, study it, plan for it, get any special tool bits you don't have, then JUST DO IT (Swoosh!).

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    $410 was the shocker. No i didnt ask for an estimate. I have dealt with this dealership often, just never a 10k service. I was thinking in the ballpark of 250??I just now purchased the service manual. That will be my way from here on our with the 15k etc etc etc.

    ROGER THAT thanks
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    As others have already said, you can do most maintenance yourself with a little time, some tools, and the manual.

    I am not a mechanic, never have worked on my cars. But the price of maintenance, and this forum, convinced me to give it a try. I've got a 2009 Road King with 16,500 miles and have since done my 5, 10 and 15,000 mile service. Changed out my rear tire (had an independent shop mount it), changed out front and rear brake pads and have also done the work on my wife's 1200 XLC.

    If there is anything electrical that I don't feel comfortable with I can always bring it in.

    The other geat benefit about doing your own maintenance is that you really get to know your bike.
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    I had my local dealer do a 10K for me... Since my mileage was at 20K, they also changed out the spark plugs. Came in at $300 total, using all synthetic fluids. Thinking about doing the next 5K myself, or letting the independent shop that replaced my rear tire do it.
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    HMMMMM, no most Stealers have a lot of bikes scheduled each day and only spend x amount of time on the scheduled services, buy a manual check the self help section and learn your bike it will be fun and u keep the cash, By the way where in Mn was this done Delano HD or Twin Cities Hd just curious:p
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    Our bikes are usually down for a while due to weather and with the heated garage and all...this will be a winter project. I will do the 10k service on my SG and my wife's Fatboy. I enjoy learning about our scooters and gaining knowledge as I go. If I have an issue...I think I know where I can get solid advice...(duh)...

    I do have service manuals for both bikes and I think this is a must if you plan to do your own wrenching. I'm no mechanic but am mechanically inclined. To all you newbies out there I say...don't be scared...it's not as hard as you might think. :D