1000 mile check up

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  1. I'm not close to 1000 miles yet, but I have been told to book the 1st check early, What is the average cost of a 1000 mile maintenence? Is there anything else that I should have looked at during this visit? Life is good on this ride. I am really enjoying thr feelings of riding again. Took my son out on it for the 1st time last Sunday & he thought it was pretty ok! He is 15 & thinks the only type of bikes are crotch rocket street bike, I am gonna change that thinking,:newsmile025:
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    I do not know about the average. Mine cost $1500. I had them do the stage1 and service. I think the service alone is in the $400 range. This is something that you can do yourself. Just invest in the manual and go at it.
  3. Do you have to buy that manual at the dealer or can I get it somewhere else?
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    I found mine on Ebay. I saved about $10 over buying it at the dealership.
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    I will be selling a 2009 Touring Model manual. Part # 99483-09. I have a 1999 Road King that I am changing cam bearings etc, and wanted to have the manual for reference. PM me if you like
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    I just picked up my 09 Ultra Classic yesterday from getting the 1000 mile service. Cost was $345.11 with tax using Syn3 oil. Bike rode better than when I first bought it. Clutch feel was much better and transmission shifts somewhat quieter.

    Only gripe I have is that they made a real mess when they cleaned it which is part of the service. I've got at least an hour of cleaning to do to get it back like it was before I took it to them.
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    Go to the Menu Jump tab at the top of the forum, Download Manual, the 2009 Touring SM is available there as a .pdf file.
    It does not get any better than that!
    A million thanks to whomever posted that!!!
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    Best price is here, just enter the part number for the manual that you can get on the HD homepage.

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    bought a cd manual on ebay for 14 bucks
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    I have found that if you do all your own fluid changes and let them do everything else the price has been around $170 bucks give or take.

    Up here in Northern Mich I have been calling around to find someone to change my rear tire cheap. I even called downstate to Grand Rapids and some indys and the price went from 225 to 350 bucks. Just to do the tire

    So I finally called Gildners HD in westbranch Mi and since im going to need a 10,000 mile service, my rear tire changed and asked them to put in my new Lyndal gold plus pads with me brining in my own tire and changing my own fluids they told me under 200 bucks. I about died. I asked if he was correct on that price and he said yep, about 3 hrs labor

    I have also heard they have a great mechanic there so guess whos going to be doing all my work from now on LOL