1,000 mile checkup question

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    Real quick question. I am preparing to get my 1K service in the next week. I have seen several threads about problems after the dealer has completed the 1K service. I am going to use Spectro and Mobile 1. My question is besides checking the drain plugs for the engine and transmission what else should I look at to ensure the service was completed properly? Any items that require special attention? I am going on a 1200 mile ride in September so I want to make sure I am good to go. Only reason why I am having the dealer conduct the service is for warranty purposes. I will purchase a service manual and do my own service after the 1K service. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
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    I would pull the transmission dipstick and make sure the fluid is red,that way you know they used the fluids you supplied.

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    Really not much you can do, as checking lubricant level say in the primary would require draining...so it really is a "leap of faith", but you are using reputable dealer and t/w tech who did the work if possible, just to be sure. But if you supplied the lubricants, the empty bottles are your assurance, other than simple dipstick checks. If you have a torque wrench and copy of "Critical fasteners list in Self Help tips you can QA "sample by lot" test, check 5 or so, if they are right "likely" they did the work...just to be sure.
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    I am in same boat thanks for the replies
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    I just had the 1000 mile service done by the dealer two weeks ago. Today I went and bought a service manual for my 09 Heritage. A couple friends who are long time HD riders, told me to go another 1500 miles after the 1000 service on the HD standard oil then change to Mobile 1. So that is what I am doing. I did get them to match the price of another dealer. I always call around to several dealers for pricing on parts or service. Saved me $55.00
    Good Luck and safe riding
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    AZ Dave,
    How much did you get your 1K service for? I have been quoted 350 with fluids and 270 with fluids provided. Of course, I will go for the 270 and provide fluids so I know what went in my transmission and primary. I am new to HD so these prices shocked me at first. Anyone know if it voids your warranty if you accomplish the 1K yourself? Might not be the right question to ask on here since I have not done research on the website about the warranty question. This forum is awesome about learning from the great members and experiences.
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    I wonder if a dealer would discount the price if you did the fluids and let them do the rest of the service? Has anyone else tried this? Just a thought.
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    My "indy" mechanic does this all the time. Only charges for what he does as opposed to a canned charge for the service as a package.
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    My 1,000 mile H-D dealer service on my new cycle is free. As I was closing on the deal the salesman gave me a document and said, "I'm throwing in the 1,000 mile service at no charge." I think he also gave me two addtional free oil changes. :)

    Across the board I could not be happier with all envolved in this new cycle purchase. :D