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    Battery on tender, when I went to start it for my first ride this season, nothing. I put it on the big charger for 30 minutes, fired it up and rode for 30 miles, shut it off, won't re start. I took the battery to my local dealer to have it checked, after charging all day, it had 7 CCA. OK got new battery. During installation, I noticed a draw on the battery so I started checking things, yep got one. I check between the neg. post and the neg. cable for verification. In my ski boat, I could isolate the diode trio set to duplicate the draw.
    In your great article on this subject, you reference the two wire regulator during troubleshooting the system. I have a three wire regulator. Is there info on the site that would tell me the same info? Also, if I'm testing the system for draw, and I unplug the regulator and the draw goes away, does that tell me anything besides the regulator is unplugged.

    Thanks for any help you may have.

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    Welcome to HDTimeline...attached below is a link to help troubleshoot your charging system. If you have a copy of the Service Manual ($60) at the HD, a multi-meter (digital is easier and at Harbor Freight $9) and careful not to cross or ground connections or probes you should be fine. There may be a PDF of the electrical system, I am just having trouble finding the exact link...so far...


    Found link to schmatics, latest 1993 GIF should work:

    1965 - 199x Harley Davidson Wiring Diagrams - HD Talking Downloads Page - Harley Davidson Community

    For finding where the "sneak" leakage current is, in the schematic, there are 3 paths, 2 easily isolated...the protective fuse, and the relay...if not a bad diode in the alternator (not as easy), I would start with likely path being the relay...as it is designed to isolate low current control path from high current switching path...good luck
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    From what I remember, you can check the diodes in the alternator by setting your meter to read AC volts, start up the bike and measure voltage across the battery. If you get a reading over 0.5 volts, you probably have a bad diode.
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    The voltage regulator junctions with the ign. switch @ the main circuit breaker located behind the fender ext. they junction together on the silver stud the red is ign. and the black is the voltage reg.
    good luck.