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  1. R

    Dead odometer/speedo, no spark?

    I'm helping a buddy get his 2000 softail springer running. It's been sitting for a while with the normal neglect issues but the initial problem is the main issue. He says the bike was running fine and just quit. Trailered it home and found it has no spark to the plugs. He did a little checking...
  2. U

    2001 Road King EFI Cranks but wont start,no spark,no engine light,no pump

    I just bought this bike at an auction.It has the Magneti Marelli fuel injection. The description said that the bike cranks but won't start. I have tried many times to get it to fire. It did appear to be an intermittent problem. . Most of the time when I'd turn the ignition and the run switch...
  3. gardjs

    New Pipes with no tune!

    I have a 2012 Road King. I put on a S&S air cleaner, V&H Power duals and Hi Output slipons. I haven't had it tuned yet. I went for a ride, it started nicely, accelerated nicely, no deceleration pop, and when I got home I checked the plugs the next day and they were brown with a touch of white...