2001 Road King EFI Cranks but wont start,no spark,no engine light,no pump

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    I just bought this bike at an auction.It has the Magneti Marelli fuel injection. The description said that the bike cranks but won't start.
    I have tried many times to get it to fire. It did appear to be an intermittent problem. . Most of the time when I'd turn the ignition and the run switch on I wouldn't see the engine light initialize for 2 seconds. When I did get lucky and it did initialize I knew it would start right up. I got it started twice and only after I saw the engine light come on and heard the 2 second fuel pump whine. Now I can't get the engine light or the spark or the pump to kick in at all. But the starter engages and it cranks the engine fine.
    I have the fob with a brand new battery. I can arm and disarm the alarm. The bike battery is less than one year old and fully charged. I checked all of the fuses, grounds and relays.I have looked for loose electrical conections. I do have +12volts getting to pin #26 of the EMC with the ignition on.
    I'm just learning about the security system. If the security system was making the bike inoperable,would it still crank over? Wouldn't it lock out the starter motor circuit too?
    I think that it is either a bad TSSM or a bad ECM.My question is; What is the relationship between the TSSM and the ECM ?
    I've studied the wiring diagrams in detail. There is a light green /gray stripe "ignition enable" wire running from the TSSM (pin#10) to the ECM (pin#7). Does this wire provide voltage to the ECM (pin#7) to enable it or does it ground it out to enable ignition? And/or is the ECM woken up by the Serial Data link(white wire with a green stripe) between the TSSM and the ECM ?
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    I replaced the EMC with a good used one. Everything is all better now.

    I ment ECM
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    Good to hear you have figured it out.
    I do know when the anti theft is activated the engine won't crank, just for future ref.
    Also on a simular note. I had an 03 RKC and at times it would stall on sharp turns, found the cause to be the connector at the ignition switch was loose.
    Welcome to the site.
    It would be great if you would introduce you self in the new member thread.