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Zip Ties Work Wonders


So here I was riding on I-295 at about 80, when Corndog motioned to me to look down at the left rear of my police bike. To my horror, I saw my pipe hanging very near to the ground!

We pulled on the interstate into a gas station. We had no idea how we were going to fix it. Neither one of us had any tools!

Then this old timer pulls up and offers us some help. He has the right sized wrench and I get to work. My plan was to take a bolt off of the other side where the pipe mounts to the crash guard and run one bolt on each side. We got that done and then the old timer offers me up a couple of zip ties for the spot where the other bolts should be. I was a little skeptical, but put them on anyway. What could it hurt right?

Well 500 miles later, they are still there! Whodathunck?
I have used zip ties for almost everything and I have to agree with you that they do work wonders. I have used them from the cars to the kitchen and they are one of the best things around.
ZipTies as a bolt? Sure didn't see that one coming. Guess you learn something new every day. Those things must be more sturdy than I thought. Seems nylon would be a bad idea in general.
That's amazing. I would have never thought of using those as a bolt. It makes me think that I should get some to put in my bike's carrier. After all, you never know when you're going to loose a bolt and if they last that long they're probably cheaper too LOL
I have re read this post a few times and I'm still in awe regarding your use of zip ties. I'm not sure anyone I know would have been as creative as that old-timer you were lucky enough to encounter. Damn, you really do learn something new every day!
Amazing, I bet we could come up with all kinds of uses for zip ties if we tried. I think it is awesome that the old-timer helped you out and what a great hint he gave you. Sometimes the simplest solution seems so far fetched, but it works!
What a great idea. Thank god for older people and their extensive knowledge of how to fix things without spending money hand over fist. I will definitely keep this is mind if I ever encounter any issues.
That is amazing, but I would not leave them on for too long at a time, wouldn't they stretch out when they get hot?
Zip ties are like duct tape. Great for a quick fix. I went to Walmart and bought a small nylon fishing tackle box. It's about a 7" cube and has 4 plastic cases with dividers in it. I keep zip ties fuses, screws, bulbs, and other consumables. Takes up little space in the hard bag and when you need something from it, priceless.....
WOW, you really dug this one up from the archives, but yeah, I agree they are a great invention.