Zeppelin Air Seat Junk

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by retiredguy, Jul 8, 2010.

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    I made the misfortune of buying a Zeppelin Air Seat.
    I can see why they have a "No Return" policy. No chance of returning a piece of (EDIT). I just put the seat on my 2000 Road Glide and all the changes are for the worst.

    The items listed here are some of the problems I have with the Zeppelin Seat.

    1) The new higher position of the seat makes everything harder. I'm six foot
    and can't reach the round if there is any air still in the seat.
    Very dangerous.
    2) If you had a windshield that worked good before, forget it, you now sit
    too high to make it effective.
    3) The seat is too high to install the rider's backrest. If you actually get the
    backrest in it now is too low to support your back.
    4) After installing the seat I was unable to install my Chopper Tour Pack
    because the seat doesn't allow any room for the pad that comes with the
    Chopper pack. So I'm suppose to throw away my passenger seat back
    pad to use this seat?
    5) Without any air in the seat you might as well be sitting on a park bench.
    I don't feel any foam padding when there is no air in the seat. And if you
    do fill the air bags you just rise up even higher to the point that if you
    ever had to stop quickly, before you could let the air out, your in for a
    shock when you can't touch the ground at the stop.
    6) And how can a seat that is so huge still fell like it's pinching your
    privates? This thing is four inches wider than a stock seat but feels like
    a low rider chopper seat.

    So you can tell I think you air seat is a piece of junk. I guess it will hang in my garage with the other useless items as a reminder to stay away from over-priced junk with Harley Logo on it.

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    Please read and understand the info in this link...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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  2. walleye

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    Sounds like you do not like that seat? :s
    Most reviews I have seen on those seats are good. I have never sat on one so I really don't know. Sorry about your bad experience.
  3. 1sgret

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    Hmmm...That's what I've been contemplating for my TriGlide.
  4. Jonas

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    I know where you might be able to get a good deal.
  5. dhorne

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    I am extremely happy with mine on my ultra , even with the air out I find it quite comfortable , i can rie 1000 k in a day with no pins to speak of , sorry to hear you dont like yours...
  6. AFRetired

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    Seats are an individual comfort item. What is great for some is torture for others. That being said, I have had Zeppelin seats on both my 05 Ultra and now on my 08 Ultra. Love 'em, wouldn't go back to a stock seat for anything. Biggest drawback is that the seat does tend to lift you up a bit when inflated, and the fact that it is WIDE and some would consider ugly. My butt doesn't care about that, it just loves the comfort on those 750 mile days.
  7. mickfer

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    The one I just bought feels great on the road but I must say that when it is inflated, you are sitting higher and you have to keep this in mind when you get to a stop sign. I would keep it if my wife didn't have a back problem.
  8. cortezc

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    is this the one that was up for $700 yesterday??? if not maybe that guy will take it off your hands .... sorry, don't really mean to rub it...same has happened to me...good luck