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Your kids?

Just a question for you guys. How many of you guys have kids, and do you let them ride with you? If they were allowed to ride with you, at what age did you let them? If you didn't let them ride with you, what things brought you to that decision? My dad always had a bike and never let me ride with him.
I am a single Dad and have two kids living with me. Yes, I absolutly allow them to go on rides with me. I have a daughter 17 and a son 12 and they love it. I beleive they will carry the fond memories and experience with them the rest of their lives. It's an opportunity that I would regret if they not have that. As far as how young?...It's your call ....if they understand and follow safety issues and directions well, I would say it's probably safe. Instructions like, hold on, keep from shifting around too much, and lean with you are some basics. Hope this helps.....