young guy picking up his first HD

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    I was at my dealership yesterday getting some quick warranty work done and while waiting for my bike there was a youg guy in th parking lot....mid to late 20's.....picking up his first HD. A new nightster. The look on his face was priceless! You could just see the nervouse tension and the anticipation of getting that thing on the road! Started thinking of how I felt picking up my first HD and the anticipation of the first ride! I wished him safe travels! Hopefully he'll be a new HD Talking member soon!
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    Well shame on you for not telling him about the site:p
  3. whacko

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    Yeah I thought of that after he rode off!
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    Boy did this bring back an old memory of when I finished my 49 panhead. Just sitting down on her I felt the tremble of anticipation as I rose to get the kicker in position and bring alive the beast that grew from so many parts down in the depths of my basement. The roar of life as she fired and began to consume all the energy and create the power that could only be unleashed with a kick into gear. A twist of the throttle and like a stallion she rose up on her rear wheel and then like a rocket she threw me into the wind searching for more and more speed as I rose through the gears. It was only after getting to fourth did she allow me to gain the reins and steer her onto the course of the road. Man this is it! Nothing could be better than this! All my sweat and blood that I gave has brought me to this point. Such a small price to pay as I am now riding the meanest machine made by man. She is mine, I control her. Ride on..take me into the unknowns of the highway and journeys that will forever live in my mind. Take this is my Harley Davidson!
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    Priceless...may he have as many years of riding enjoyment as we all have.
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    That's pure poetry, man.
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    you have a way with words my i want to quit work and go for a ride:D