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    It happened to me, when I was traveling with my wife. We stayed at a motel and that night and it was raining very hard.

    Unexpectedly, there was a loud rat-a-tat-tat on the door at half past three in the morning. I dragged myself out of bed, draped a jacket over my shoulder, opened the door, and, ... and found a very drunk man standing at the door.

    "Hi there," slurred the stranger, "Can you give me a push?"

    "No, get lost! It's half past three! And it is pouring out there!" I was angry and slammed the door into that guy's face.

    I went back up to bed and told my wife what happened.

    She remarked, "That wasn't very nice of you. We are visitors here, we may need help more than anybody. We may have a flat tire or a dead battery, you may have to ask someone to give us a push to start again. What would happen if he told us to get lost?"

    "But the guy was drunk," I murmured.

    "It doesn't matter," explains my wife.

    "He needs a push and it would be nice to help him."

    So, I got out of bed again, put on jacket, put on pants, put on shoes, opened the door, and, ... and found no one.

    The rain was so heavy that I couldn't see the stranger anywhere in the dark.

    So, I hided my neck in the jacket, went into the pouring rain, rounded my palms around my mouth and shouted,

    "Hey, sir, do you still need a push?"

    I heard a voice cried out, "Yes, please."

    "Where are you?" I shouted again

    "I'm over here! over here!" The stranger called back from the left.

    I turned my neck to the left and,...

    ...and found he was sitting on a swing!
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    Too funny!
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    Never saw that end coming. Good one!:)
  4. mat 60

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    Very funny.....:)
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    :lolrolling:lolrolling Had to wait for that punch line:p
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    :lolrolling oh you had me going there for a minute dbmg. That was funny.
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    well i was drunk and wanted to :guitar
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    LOL! Yes he was drunk, good one!