You make the call Professional or not.

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    Abuse of the power on the cops part. Doesn't surprise me. Someone should taser him to show him what it feels like, maybe then he wouldn't abuse it.
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    not easy to call that one. if stopped the best thing is take the ticket and the telling off and get back in your car and drive off. if you are pleasent to the police it is amazing what they will let you off with. living in the uk we do not have the same gun culture and the car driver was lucky just to get tazered. i am paramedic and work closely with the police. you look after your own safety it only takes seconds to have a weapon pulled on you . if the car driver had obeyed instructions he would be driving down the road with a traffic ticket at worst in less than 5 minutes. my 2 cents for what its worth.
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    the cop is reaching for the tazer before he gets the 1st set of "turn around & put hands" out but after 2nd/3rd time the driver is walking away putting his hand into his pocket. But if you also listen to the cop as the driver is falling after being tazed--the cop tells him to get down on the ground!!?? Does this traffic stop give the cop the right to search the vehicle?
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    I thought the officer was very professional. He asked for I.D., which he has every right to do, and the driver refused. The officer returned to the vehicle to tell the driver he was being cited and the driver then asked "why am i being ticketed" and the officer said "for speeding". The officer stood there for a while listening to him ramble on -which he didn't have to do, but I thought it was professional. How long was he supposed to stand there and beg him to comply? When asked to sign the document for the ticket, the driver refused again. Now the officer has every right to arrest him. The driver was simply not cooperating. He was asked not once, not twice, but three times to put his hands behind his back, he refused again and walked away with a smirk on his face and put his hand into his pocket. Who knows if he had a weapon. That officer had every right to do what he did... and the punk was still whining after he got tazered, cuffed, and put in the car. I would have done the same thing, only I would have aimed a little lower!
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    Slight over reaction by the cop. Guy wasn't being threatening or anythin. If the cop hadn't pulled out the taser the guy would probably just have accepted his ticket.:17:
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    Well for 37 years I worked for a utility company....nothing to me was more scarier than workin in the street..This was a constuction zone...did anyone notice that? in Missouri we're had 3 men killed workin on the highways here the last 2 years. The young man was a idiot and a smart ass...Did the officer have a right to taze him ..well if ya watch the video real close... you will see before he was tazed... he turned his back on the officer and reached toward his pocket..good thing it was a tazer he used coz he could have very well been shot. Too many officers are killed on traffic stops...He did what he had to do (the officer) Its a shame this happen...but i believe the officer was correct....just my 2 cents
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    Driver Who Was Tasered Begs for Threats Against Utah Trooper to Stop,2933,314202,00.html

    SALT LAKE CITY — A video of a Utah trooper using a Taser to subdue a stubborn motorist has become wildly popular on YouTube, and the man who was zapped is asking peple to stop making anonymous online threats against the officer.
    "I wish people would realize and think about this: Trooper Gardner is a real person, he's got a real family. Real lives are being affected," Jared Massey said earlier this week.
    Trooper Jon Gardner of the Utah Highway Patrol subdued Massey with a Taser when the driver walked away and refused to sign a speeding ticket on Sept. 14.
    Click here to see the video.
    State officials haven't said whether Gardner's use of the Taser was appropriate. They called a news conference for 6 p.m. EST Friday to announce the results of an internal investigation.
    The incident was recorded on Gardner's dashboard camera. Massey filed a public-records request and posted the video on YouTube, which says it has been viewed more than 1 million times.
    In response, the UHP has received thousands of phone calls and e-mails, many of them critical of the trooper. There also have been online threats against Gardner.

    "I think mostly it's people blowing off steam, and that's fine," said Sgt. Jeff Nigbur, a UHP spokesman. "But you can't say you're going to endanger somebody's life."
    Nigbur said there is no evidence that the trooper's life is in danger. Massey wants the online threats to stop.
    "I wish people would have some common decency every once in awhile," he said. "When I posted the video it wasn't to vilify the guy, demean him or destroy him, and that's one of the things I hate about this."
    Tasers use compressed nitrogen to fire two barbed darts that can penetrate clothing to deliver a 50,000-volt shock to immobilize people.
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    His Mama failed to tell him "Stupid is as Stupid does" :s
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    you must be a cop, or wanna be one yourself. no offence, but cops and people who want to be cops look at things differently than me. Here in my world I still pretend I'm living in a free country. whether or not the guy getting tazered was a whiny disrespectful spoil brat punk a$$ kid is not the question. The officer is the one who told the kid to get out of the car so he could "arrest" him. the guy didn't jump out of the car flailing his arms like a loonatic. he just did what he was told....well kinda. Like I said I still pretend this to be a free country and speeding is a civil matter. they even tell you that in traffic court. since speeding is not a crime they can't arrest you so they don't even have to prove you did it to find you guilty. Here in spokane they use tazers way too much. recently we had a suicidal guy on the monroe street bridge for 7 hours so the police decided to try and tazer him to get him down. they missed so he jumped anyway. the man was a mental health patient at the clinic my mother in law works at.
    To get back on track, I think the cop should be arrested for assault and the kid should get off on false arrest. The officer has the responsability to maintain a calm situation, and the burden of trying to calm a tense situation, not create panic, and chaos. Now I'm not saying I think it's any easy job or I would want to do it, but when a man puts on that badge he should act accordingly. I believe there are still a few good law enforcement people out there but it's Jackasses like that cop on the video that are screwing it up for the good one.

    Oh Yea,......that's all IMO