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You KNOW your a Biker when.......

I thought I'd start a thread that we could have some fun with. Everyone who rides one day realises that they have now become a "biker". For each of us that time is different and sometimes the realisation is funny. So add your thoughts to the list.

I'll start.

You know your a Biker when:

You are considering buying a Battery Tender for.....Your Truck.
You ride to work on days no one else does (it might rain, its to cold, to hot, or I can't drink a coffee on the way in- thats why I drive my car).
When you come in at night and hang your riding gear on a hook next to your bed so it will be near you when you get up to ride the next day.
When you start selling sh%t in your garage to make room for your bike and the, & this important, THE WINTER MODIFICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
You KNOW your a Biker when.......
your not satisfied with a brand new 07 96 ci
heritage soft tail and You want to by a brand new grey dyna
to put a 103 kit on her for a hot rod.:52: