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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Duffer, Jan 9, 2009.

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    I know this subject has been beat to death but the more research I do the more confused I get . I want to change the bars on my 05 RKC so I can sit up a little straighter and get my hands and arms up a bit. The Heritage bars seem to be a favorite with a lot of you and if I understand correctly this swap doesn’t involve any brake line or wiring mods. Now here’s the rub. The 02-08 Heritage bars are different from the 09 bars. The 02-08 RKC and RKC 09’s are different as well. Will they all work without extensions? I’ve also considered the Wild 1 WO517. They claim on the website stock wires and brake lines work but I have my doubts. These are the measurements I came up with. If any of you have tried some of these different bars I’d love to hear about it. Spring is on the way.

    Hgt wdth Pullback
    Heritage 02-08 7 32 13
    Heritage 09 13 35 12
    RKC 02-08 7 32 11
    RKC 09 71/2 31 12/12
    WO517 8/12 31 141/2
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    I have the '09 FLHRS and put the heritage bars on for the same reasons you stated and the were the perfect solution (Thank you Glider). The label on the bars did say from '02 thru '08 but I did not have to change anything but the bars themselves-everything else went on without any mods. The hardest part was unplugging the throttle wire as the waterproof connection was a bear to get open, Very pleased with the results.
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    The bars i got for my RKC 08 were different than the other years .because i have ABS . ya got to watch if you do as a lot fo them wont fit abs
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    I just put the FLHR Heritage Style bars (PN# 56902-08) on my 08 RG and they fit fine without changing any cables. They move your hands back about 2" and up a tiny bit. They felt MUCH better than the stock (not a twinge in the back at all after changing). Personally, I like my hands higher, so I'm ordering cables and some 16 apes from Drag Specialties. So, if you get the info you're looking for ans want to buy some bars reasonably, let me know.
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    Thanks for the offer I'll keep it in mind. I'm thinking I would probably like a litte more Rise than the earlier Heritage also. That is why I was kind of looking at the 09 Heritage bars. A lot more rise and a little moe pullback but wider.