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    With Internet directories and cell-phone lookups, many people consider the printed yellow pages a relic of the past. But the books keep showing up on their doorsteps, year after year. Finally, there's good news for those who want to prevent stacks of unwanted phone directories from being delivered to their front doors.

    A new, national opt-out Internet site from the Yellow Pages Association and Association of Directory Publishers lets you control which yellow pages (if any) you receive.

    In less than five minutes, I opted-out of the 10 phone directories (both white and yellow pages) I was scheduled to receive this year. In the past, you had to contact each phone book publisher directly, and it wasn't always easy to find the publisher's contact information. But this new site lets consumers make all the requests at once.

    Here's how it works:

    Go to Enter your ZIP code. You'll see a list of the phone books that you're eligible to receive.
    Register on the site. You need to include a valid email address and phone number along with your home address.
    You'll then receive a temporary password via email. Log in, change your password, and then click the "Opt-Out" tab at the top of the page and select which directories you receive. You can opt-out of everything or choose to receive which phone books are useful to you.

    The opt-out should last for at least three years.
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    I use the yellow pages here from time to time as ours often have a wee bit of info about what the firm does and that can be a help not all small firms are on the internet

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    Thanks for the great tip skywarrior.I'll be sure to pass it along for I am the one that picks up all the unwanted phone books laying around the mailboxes in our neighborhood.