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I hadn't played this game in many years and just about a week ago a friend of our brought it over and we loved it so much that the wife went to the store and got it for us. We have been playing almost nightly since.
I have just played it by myself a while ago and I find it engaging. It seems you are playing with dice but the strategy actually poker. I like it though.
I haven't played this game in years. I actually had forgot about it. I used to play it all the time when I was a kid with my sister and brother and our dad. I would love to play again but doubt that anyone I know even knows how to play it anymore.
This is another game that I have not seen in years. I don't think that the kids like it anymore because of all of the electronic games that are out nowadays. I would love to play this game again, I may have to ask my daughter to play with me sometime.
Haven't see this one in many years probably couldn't even play now.I don't think I was too good at it?Not sure that was so long ago.You have to count right?Not my best thing.
Boy that's a name I haven't heard in many years.Guess xbox and pc done took over the real games now.I used to play yahtzee with my cousins just about every day.
I haven't played this game since I was a kid. I use to really love it. I think that Duck is right though that PC and Xbox type games have really taken over and board games have taken a back seat. It really is quite a shame though.
Now that I read this, I have an overwhelming urge to get Yahtzee out of my closet and play. I notice that kids nowadays don't want anything to do with board games, it's sad that they have no idea what they're missing.
That's the game with the dice and the cup right? I used to play that when I was younger, I was never any good at it. I always thought it was a luck thing.
Yes, this is the game with the dice and you are right it is luck of the draw, no different from craps at a casino.. Nonetheless, it is still fun to play.