Xr 1000

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by vx51, Jan 6, 2010.

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    Hi new to this site but well impressed so far havin looked thru various threads. I have recently managed to obtain a XR1000 (orange & black) from a mate. As you can imagine there are not that many in England and even less info available. Ive had to do some work to clean it up (bit of paint and re-plating a few nuts and bolts) due to being stood in his garage for 10yrs. The bike is very tidy now all but the outer engine cases. My problem is does any one know the correct colour that they were painted. My cases are still painted but very scratched or worn so very difficult to get a match.
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    Try useing S100 engine brite, it bring's the color back very well, it's worth a try.:s

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    Congratulations on your fine acquisition. Google the XR1000 and try to find original spec or brochures and pictures. You will find engine and cases are painted and plenty of ideas of proper restoration...WhatYardWork and Steve07 are our resident paint guys who are in the know, contact them thru our PM for specific questions you may have and post the answers in this thread.