XL1200L or FXDL


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getting my wife a bike. She's a new rider but has been on our bikes a lots only as a passenger.She likes the XL1200L & FXDL 2007's.The XL1200L seems the right fit for right now but how soon do you think before she would out grow it? Is the FXDL too big as a starter bike? OR should she look @ a 250 rebel or something for a starter till she finds her balance point?
I would suggest choose XL1200L,this bike more comfortable for your wife if she new rider,not much,XL1200 easy for the control when we go to the road with crowded traffic,and that I love from this bike (personal opinion) is never have problem when go long trip,simple but still cool :)
I agree with whitewheels,XL1200L is good choice,myself use XL1200S now.
For me this bike good in handling and performance although you new biker.So you must order now and lets we share the pic here.
The Key Word you said was "Balance Point".

Reason being, she should try setting on and lifting off the stand several models to see which model has the perfect "balance point" for her. For each of us it is different. I had a 1200 Custom and when I planned on buying a new Heritage, the plan was to give my wife the sporty.

Truth is, Sportsters are top heavy in feel. Coming from a Suzuki Savage 650, I felt that the next step up for her would be the Sportster. But she had a real problem lifting it off the stand and it felt way to top heavy for her. At our HD Dealer she tried setting on several types of bikes and found out that for her (same as me) the Heritage felt like it was made for her. She has No Problem lifting it off the stand and it balances so well that she made the move up with no problem. (In the end I traded in the 1200 for 2 Heritages- one for each of us).

My advise to you is let her set on each of the various models and find the perfect match for her. Also, while most of us started with a Sportster usually after a few years we trade up to a bigger bike (Not all...I know there are true Sporty Fans out there.. and thats ok too :) ). Its hard to get all your money back on a Sportster, looking back I wish I would of went with the Heritage from the beginning.

No matter what the two of you decide, let it be her choice....after all its going to be her bike.