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    Hi names greg. I'm a newbie. Not sure were this goes. I'm sure it doesn't go in parts wanted. Looking for an ultra to buy. I have $7000 to spend. Photo's would be nice and I'm in North Ga. Don't mind driving for the right bike. Love the site.Y'all are doing a nice job. Thanks Greg
  2. sharpscuba

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    Welcome Greg, Yes this is an awesome site with many great people. I think that you will find some very helpful folks on here. As far as your Qwest, I think that you are going to be hard pressed to find an Ultra of any year for 7k unless it has a ton of miles and needs work. I may be wrong but I would recommend trying to bid on e-bay or possibly looking into a salvaged bike. Good luck on whatever you decide or find.
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    Sharpscuba has a good tip with Ebay or like sites. And who knows, you might find exactly what you are looking for. In the interim, try to find out as much as possbile about the bike you are trying to buy. Be patient. Ask tons of questions of the seller regardless of Ebay or elsewhere. If you decide to go with Ebay, check out the sellers rating. Some of these guys and gals have sold a lot of bikes all with good feedback. A while back, I was looking for a shovelhead and used Ebay. I had a price of $4500 as my max, and while I didn't expect perfection, I didn't want a pile of junk either. Took about a year, but I finally scored. The seller was great, the bike was exactly as advertised. I had to put a few hundred into her, but that was expected. Long and short of it, I got what I wanted, for what I wanted to pay and I have received nothing but compliments when people see her. Good luck....
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    Don't know if scambusters is still in existence, but I'll bet someone here will live close to most any bike you find and would probably be glad to check it out for you.