"Wrong side of the road" guys

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  1. tsp45acp

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    Just thought bout how many forumites are here that aren't in the USA. I know in the UK and other countries they drive "on the wrong side of the road",

    My question is: like cars (over there that have right hand drive), do they set up bikes "back handed too"?---throttle on left, clutch on right. I've never seen this addressed and just wondered. No disrespect intended, just never been there and wondered. Thanks, Tracy

    P.S.--also in manual transmission cars, shifter would be on the left of the driver, but is first gear closest to the driver or farthest away from the driver. (Inquiring minds want to know).
  2. Bud White

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    the wrong side cars i have drove 1st is farthest from driver its a weird drive for sure
  3. biscuit

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    Nah Mate!Bikes are universal the World over.Except when them Pommies got brakes and gearshifts confused:D;happily that's all been corrected.

    I drive cars and trucks,and they ALL have first gear away from the driver:ie push that gearshift away left and then either back or forwards dependant on gearbox pattern.Except for my Honda which has paddles behind the wheel

    PS:IF you are taking the Mickey out of us ,that's pretty damn subtle.:p
    Ride safe
  4. tsp45acp

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    Biscuit---no funnin' intended, But you got me on the "Pommies & Mickey". Don't know what either are. Tracy
  5. tsp45acp

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    Thanks for the definitions. Tracy
  6. Crambo

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    The British drive on the left hand side of the road.

    The Germans on the right.

    The French on ANY (edit) side of the road they like...:newsmile021:
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  7. T wrecks

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    I've driven on both sides of the road, and the weirdest thing for me was changing gears with my right hand. The pedals are the same for both hand drives, except the yankee pedals seem to be offset to the right slightly, not directly in front of you, like they are in the right hand drive (correct side) cars.

    (If by any chance that lady in the black mercedes, from near Bar Harbor in Maine is reading this.........I'm sorry.......it took me a few seconds to realise I was driving on the wrong side of the road in your beautiful country.):D.....I didn't mean to scare the you know what out of you!! :dknow
  8. Romain

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    I travel regularly fom the UK to the continent and vice versa, both on the Bike and in cages.
    It's always more difficult in the cage (mostly right hand drive), when you have to overtake and you are sitting on the nearside as you can't see very well what's coming towards you. You also have to change the setting of your headlights.
    There are no such problems with a bike and as long as you remember which side of the road you are supposed to be on it's all dandy.
    I find that coming out of parking or petrol stations with little or no road marking is one occasion when mistakes could happen, specially if there is little traffic.
  9. chips

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    The only difference for those of us who drive on the "correct" (left) side of the road is if you have a side car. It has to be mounted on the left of the bike instead of the right.
  10. Joyflyin

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    My only problem driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, (visiting Kenya, driving in the bush), is that my habits for swerving, I would still swerve right....scary huh? LOL Driving in the small villages & such, everyone seemed to drive in the middle of the road & that's where my instinct would kick in, I'd swerve right, oops, then left. :D