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Wrapped pipes?

The Rook

What can you ladies and gents tell me about wrapped pipes? Such I need to remove them to wrap them or is this something I can do while they are attached? What material does one use to wrap them? What tools will I need? Does the wrapping alter the sound of the exhaust and how?

Here is a pic showing what I'm talking about.

As always, thanks in advance for your help and comments.

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The exhaust wrap is used to keep the temps up in the pipes which makes the exhaust flow better. It can quiet exhaust somewhat and even keep the heat away from you if used on the pipes on harleys. The shortcoming of it is that the pipes deteriorate under the wrap from trapped intense heat and moisture and if you remove the wrap, the pipe will usually come apart in crusty layers.
It effects the molecular structure of the metal after prolonged use.

Here's a site that offers the wrap if you are going to do it.

Thermo Tec Exhaust Wrap
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To protect the pipes, dip them in a 55 gal drum of fresh oil, wrap them with Saran Wrap and then use plastic electrical tape as a finish. This must be done with the pipes off the bike (hard getting all of the oil off the bike after dipping it in the oil). Oh and them once the pipes are replaced don't ever start the bike! Sorry, it is Gliders fault for posting all of the jokes today. Messed with my demented mind!!:bigsmiley30::bigsmiley30::bigsmiley30:

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OH, by the way...I live in AZ, will heat be an issue?

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It's not that it effects the sound of the exhaust so much as in "out the tail of the muffler" but the resonance from the pipes themselves in the area under the seat.
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Same reasoning that I have a bent greenbean can as a rear light bracket, and am currently looking for a tractor seat.
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