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    My friend John and I are getting ready for our second road trip. I have a 2010 FLHX Street Glide and he rides a 2009 Yamaha 1300 bagger with 9000 miles on it. We were out on a ride today and he stopped at his Yammy dealership to talk trade for a new "Ultra style" Yamaha, Bags, Faring, Tour pack, radio, intercom, the whole nine yards. He was serious.
    The shock came when I heard the dealer say, " I can't sell your bike I have some like it on the floor and they're not moving. As a matter of fact, nothing is moving. I can't afford to take yours in trade now I'm paying too much in interest now. But, I'll knock $3000.00 off the list price if you buy it outright. You'll just have to sell yours yourself"

    John was upset to say the least. His bike is only a year old and of no value to the dealership. WOW. I've never heard a dealer say such a thing and just wonder if anyone else has. My Harley dealership is doing just fine and that makes me feel good after seeing this unfold today. Wow.
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    Sounds like the Yamaha dealer needs capital, its tough for businesses to borrow money right now and its likely the dealer has borrowed to support his inventory. With the market as beatup as it it, I'm not surprised. My local H-D dealer has so many bikes you can hardly walk through the place, and the guy a I bought my harley from just quit after 8 years of selling harleys at the same location.
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    The local family owned, been in business forever, Honda shop shuttered the doors 2 months ago. This only three years after they built and moved into a big new building.

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    I would feel a Better Respect for That dealer,,,, He never tried to offer Nothing for the bike so HE could make a profit weather or Not it sold.. The 3000$ OFF was quite a generous offer in my book...

    Tough times now and I don't see them getting better soon...

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    yeah i took a rear tire into be mounted to my local all flavors motorcycle shop buy,sell and trade place. they had bikes allready outside and I still had to walk through the showroom sideways. good time to be a buyer. side note. a co worker was lookin for a ultra few weeks back and three private sellers, let him walk for offering 300 under their asking price. they all called him back within the week to see if he still wanted the bike. which he already found one. if your selling leave some wiggle room.
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    It's a matter of perspective and geography.

    Recession hit harder in some areas than others. If you still have a job that pays you a salary you were better off during the recession because prices dropped on many things. If you live in a part of the world that wasn't hit hard by the downturn you have likely already come out of the recession. Alberta was extremely fortunate. Recession was mild and is well over. I understand AZ was hit hard. My in laws retired there so their CDN dollars go farther than they thought they would. I have many friends who've bought homes in AZ and I bought my Harley there. Bad times for some means good deals for others.
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    dealers won't touch my 07 kawa 900lt either. told me they can't move a kawa or suzuki right now. honda was only thing he would consider as far as a jap bike. Quess I'll just keep her. keep some of the miles off my older harley.
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    Never rush to a conclusion. Even Government "workers" can get terminated.


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    After last week, I'm not surprised. I saw a 06 Flstc at the dealer's that I really liked, and when I asked him how much he'd give me for my 03 Road Glide, he topped at 5000. They really didn't want the bike. I ended up selling it privately for 8000 after originally asking 8500.

    What really surprised me was that I advertised mine on Craig's List and more than half my responses were from out of town buyers. And I don't mean scammers. I live in the Los Angeles area, and the guy who ended up buying my bike drove down from Sacramento with a trailer and cash.

    Seems like it's all about area and lucky timing.