Wow! I finally found you guys!

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Trixi, May 14, 2010.

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    :rider:rider:pI've literally been searching all night for a place to find the information I need for my bike without being led to a "pay money or forget it" site! I never would've believed it would be so hard to find a decent, honest forum of people who just wanna share knowledge and interest in Harley's! WHEW!

    Hi! I'm Trixi! I bought a 1986 XL 1100 about a year and a half ago. Rode it for about a week before I came to the conclusion that it needed new rings. I know the guy who sold it to me had to have known it, but I'm okay with that... I got it for a price I could afford - and that was enough to have me jumping up and down! Besides, I knew that I could fix it! :p

    So... I went to my local HD shop and was told that they showed only two service manuals left ANYWHERE! One in New York. One in Pennsylvania. Bought the one from Penn. and had it shipped to me. Then I tore the bike down. That was last summer.

    Oh... What happened, you ask? I found out how much they wanted to clean up the heads! $300 each! Well... sent one out... got it back... and there she sat until about a month ago - no money... no work! Anyway... I'm desperate not to miss another summer without riding my bike so I've been working to get it back together and I'm almost there but....
    SOMEBODY STOLE MY SERVICE MANUAL!! Yup! Right out of my garage and for what? How many '86 XL 1100's are around, really! I mean, COME ON!

    So, now we've come to the reason for searching so hard for you guys! I could use a little help with the tech stuff. First - TORQUE SPECS! Can anyone help me out with that? Also, it's been a year since i took it apart. I've got most of this but a diagram showing maybe, the ignition wiring and maybe the routing of brake and clutch lines would be good. Lastly, the rear brake disk is grooved. Now, I know how to change out the pads in the caliper but I've never removed a rear brake disk... I could use some help with that if you can.

    WELL... that's about it! Sorry to get so wordy on my first post but... well, you guys know.... I'M WANTING TO RIDE!

    Thanks y'all for taking the time to read this.


    P.S. Should I be posting this long-winded message in a different place, ya think? let me know! :newsmile026:
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    Welcome Trixi, glad you found the one and only HDTimeline. Sorry about the loss of your manual (you sure it's not under something or in the magazine rack)? One of the moderators will probably move this to the Sportster section. Hope you get your bike back together, maybe there is a member close to you that can help.

    Have you looked in the self help section? Lot of good info there!!!
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    Re: Wow! I finally found you guys!

    Thanks! In answer to the first... I can't be sure it's not in the magazine pile :) but I've looked and, unfortunately, I've come to know the true colors of someone I had let stay with me back when it disappeared and, well... it's what he does, so I've been told.

    Good to know that somebody will probably put my post where it will best be served.

    I've been looking thru the different areas here including the self help section. so far I've not found exactly what i'm looking for but I have found some great info that I'm sure will come in handy.

    Thanks again for your reply. Nice to be here!
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    Re: Wow! I finally found you guys!

    Welcome to HDT, hey if you are over 50 that manual is around, trust me, stuff goes missing around here daily, 90% of the time she moved it or as she would call (put it away). Oh well its all fun, good luck with all that and enjoy.
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    Re: Wow! I finally found you guys!

    Hello from south bend'''''''
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    Sorry, I don't have the info you are looking for.

    Understand cash is tight right now. However, Ebay does have some manuals for your bike. Buy it now price of $6.99. Not sure if they are authentic or not.

    Good luck!


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    Another Welcome!

    I had a friend that owned an 1100 iron head. I would ride with him, mine a 95 883 sport. Could never figure out why he would always be stronger than my Newer bike.. Then one day when we were both in the rebuild side, both going to 1200 bore.(I took care both his and mine) I was charged 1/2 the amount from a shop I use on His bore job and double on Mine.. Asking "Why" , told the 1100 needed less metal taken out while mine was a full 1/2" more or 1/4 inch on the Wall...
    That was the first time I knew His motor was Larger than my 883... Sure glad I never bet $$ when we twisted the throttles together, he usually won!.....

    I wouldn't doubt the torque values are very close to the (old) newer 883/1200 bikes, just a little newer than yours.

    Good luck with your rebuild. Lots of answers here!

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    Re: Wow! I finally found you guys!

    :newsmile100: Amen to that! :newsmile100:
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    Welcome to the forum sorry to hear some dead beat stole your manual , 1100 are strong runners Good Luck with your project:D