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Would you leave a 2008 FLHX Stock?

:D I'm thinking of buying a white 2008 Street Glide. Will it hurt the reliabilty of the bike to leave it stock? The 2007 and newer bikes are repoerted to run very hot. I would consider adding Stage 1 to it later. I like a 2 into 1 pipe. Thanks.
Wouldn't hurt the reliability but with the stage 1 and a set of pipes, it would run better and probably live a bit longer.:yes
My first Harley was '04 Heritage Softail which I had bored and stroked out before I even rode it once. My new '08 Road King Classic never made it out of the store as "stock" either. My wife heard the sound of a stock '08, looked and me and said, "It's too quiet!" So it got sweet looking dual straight pipes, Harley race controller and stage 1 air filter. The dealer already had the download for that configuration so it was only a $50 charge for the downloading. Now that it is broken in, I may eventually get a dyno run on it just to see where it is and to see if it needs custom firmware. The sales guy told me that only 5% of Harley's stay stock. The sound of the '08 stock pipes is certainly not a true Harley sound.
you could try. i'm sure there are a few out there bone stock. maybe we could take bets on how long before you 'start to make it yours'. buy it, enjoy it. when you're ready to start adding/ it.
I can't stand the sound of the 08 Ultra stock. I had to have a real Harley sound. The 08 stock sounds like a GoldWing or a sewing machine. Ugh! I couldn't believe that Harley would put something out like that. I guess it's another money trap. Or blame the EPA.
I just picked my 2008 white street glide up and I put Rinehart true duals and passing lamps and a chrome front end along with the lights on the windshield.