worthlessberger or roethlisberger?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jdsmitty10, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Jdsmitty10

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    steeler fans,
    who thinks he should be canned? I am leaning that way...but he is also the reason we have 2 championships recently...

    I wish he would grow up and stay outta the situations he gets himself into...
  2. Redman

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    Was talking with some friends from Steeler country yesterday...He has shown that he is more important than his team and team mates. His lack of self control cost him a possible 6 games early this season. We still have hard feelings for Favre as he started to show his true color...purple. I vote for moving on...I do like Big Ben but his disregard for how his actions will affect his team is pitiful.
  3. juspassinthru

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    It's amazing to me that he puts himself in these positions-with 1,696 positions in the NFL, it's rareified air, and he should count his lucky stars that he has a chance to play, much less make the kind of money that he does.

    IMO, if you are in his position, you are a celebrity and have a moral duty to be a good role model and citizen, which clearly he is neither. I applaud Roger Goodell's actions here (even though they are partly driven by $$$), but Ben needs a wake up call-I hope the Steelers give him his walking papers-hopefully to the Raiders the Bills, or the Browns-
  4. Jdsmitty10

    Jdsmitty10 Active Member

    I actually think it would be nice if he can be in jail when not practicing or playing on sundays for the steelers..HAH.. he could win us more superbowls if he could stay outta trouble...
  5. 92FXRS

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    in my opinion, athlete's are pampered from an early age if they show signs of being gifted in sports. Someone is always there to take care of or cover up their "mistakes". They are never held responsible for their own actions, therefore the end result is, what we have & get so often.
    These people are not like you & I (common, hardworking folks), they're overgrown & overpaid babies. If they don't get their way, they'll go to another team, where someone will take them.
    I love sports, but we (the parents, coaches, fans, etc) encourage their behavior by continuing to watch them on TV, buy tickets to games & so on.
    I'm done ranting & raving................if these people had to work a regular job like all of us do, they would never make it.
    I'm not jealous, I just think they need to be taught how to respect what they have & who PAYS for their livlihood.
    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I think I need to go take a ride on the bike so I can cool off
  6. robermv32

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    As a Steeler fan since 1968...remember those great teams? I feel that the power rests with the fans... What if the fans of Pittsburgh stayed away from the stadium for 6 games in protest against such behaviors. What would happen then ? You act like a jerk, we stay away. What, no money coming in....what should we do now ? That is the answer. When players act like they don't care, so should the fans. Therein lies the power...keep your money and let them show off to nobody.
  7. gasbag

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    Football is just a game. What's more important, winning games or demanding those who play the game behave like gentlemen when off the field and have a little class.

    Yeah, I know. Silly question.:newsmile061:
  8. nakkers

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    Ben shouldn't put himself into situations like this.

    I watch the sport for the game and don't really care for the stuff that happens when game is over. However, if his off field activities affect the team, than no one talent should be held in higher regard than the team.

    The Steelers have had great success with great talent. When that talent thought they we're the only reason they were any good, (and demanded huge $$$) the team let them go. Plex Burress is one example.

    I really enjoy watching Ben play. But, if they can move him for another quality QB, I'm fine with that too.

    Unforturnately, I think Big Ben will look at his bench time as something undeserving and will likely continue his ways. I hope he does come to his senses and understands that just because he didn't break the law (or at least not convicted of something yet), he still has to avoid putting himself in situations like he has.

    Only time will tell.
  9. sharpscuba

    sharpscuba Banned

    Redman ...you pretty much said it all right here. Been there and done that with the now purple number 4 or as I like to call him 4 no more in a big game score. Just can't rely on someone who is in it for themselves. Brett said that if the fans do not like what he did well then..... and as for Big Ben well he has shown just how smart he is..will leave it at that!
  10. Adamal47

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    as a Pittsburgher all my life I am a big steeler fan. If you watched the first preseason game then you noticed that Ben looks much skinnier than previous seasons. I take that as meaning he is serious about his job. I feel we need to keep Ben. Sure he may not be the nicest guy off the field but in all fairness none of us were with him in Georgia or Nevada so we have no idea what REALLY happened. So its not fair for us or other fans to want him off the team it go to jail based PURLEY on media speculation. Besides leftwich is past his prime and Dennis Dixon needs to stay in the pocket for more than two seconds. Eventually defenses will catch on to him running EVERY play.