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Here are some pictures of my 87 fxrs lowrider as it sat this morning. I've never posted pics with a thread so if it doesn't work just bear with me, I'm new.:)


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I'm trying to get it so people won't look at it and say, "What happened to that"? You really can't tell from the pictures it is really kinda rough all over. Everything that used to be shiny isn't . I spent 2 weeks with fine steel wool and wd-40 to get it looking like it does now, let me tell you that was even an improvement.
The earlier FXR's had a frame that was very similar to the bagger frames with the inverted "A" design under the seat which gave them rigidity in the frame and made for good handling too.

This is the design that made the FXR famous that is used in the baggers of today.This is a chopperguys frame but you can get the idea of the mid section that gave it the rigidity.

Well after a new ignition module it runs like brand new. I had it running on Sunday, ears are still ringing, I think I should push it outside before starting it. There are a few other small things that need to be worked out though. Mostly it is just neglect that needs addressed. I'm working at it and it's coming along little by little.
Really what this bike needs is a complete teardown and rebuild. I just don't have the $$$ to do it the right way at this time. I've got a good solid start. I wouldn't really call what I'm doing a restoration, more of a preservation. Anyway, I can't justify disassembling a working machine to make it look pretty. I would like to do what I can with the bike assembled.