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    YouTube - Harley EVO carburetor problem

    Runs with choke pulled all the way out
    1996 EVO. Stock CV. Dyna ign. Kerker supertrap.

    Bike sat for a while, with gas. Drained old gas, pulled petcock, float bowl and jets. Cleaned with Sea foam Deep Creep. Installed new diaphragm for accel. pump. I've used nearly an entire bottle of deep creep on the carb.
    The bike doesn't sputter when I crack the throttle at about a quarter away from idle, but it will give an occasional cough through the carb and eventually die. I didn't notice any vacuum leaks, but who knows I'm a little on the inexperienced side.
    1. To check for a vacuum leak I spray around the carb and listen to see if it revs higher, right?
    2. Would the jets need to be changed since it came from Cali. and has the 2:1? If so, what size and how do I measure the jets?
    3. The plug/cover plate to gain access to air/fuel mix is still in place. If I do need to adjust this, how many turns ?
    If you couldn't already tell, I'm the definition of an EDIT. Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.YouTube - Harley EVO carburetor problem

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