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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ginge61, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. ginge61

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    flhtci turns over but wont start the volt meter in the fairing drops as it turns over i put a multimeter across the battry while turning it over and the volts droped its a 1996 mod and the only thing i can think of is the regulator ,everything goes as norm but will not start ,the bikes only done 10,000 od miles ,any ideas ,the bike started ok then next day nothing and nothing had been touched on it just wont go :newsmile08:
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    Check your conections on your battery, I have seen were they have been just a little bit loose and it will crank the engine over fine but while doing so there would be no spark.

    Also if the bike has been sitting for awhile the battery might be toast, charge it up and take it to a auto parts store and have it load tested.
  3. shovelrider

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    Did the voltage on the battery drop below 9 volts when you were cranking it over,if so the battery could be the problem.
  4. ginge61

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    went down to around 9 when cranking
  5. SledDog

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    Check your battery cables and all connection at the starter. I would also have the battery tested. Also, if the battery voltage gets low enough, the electronics stop working. That's done to protect 'em. And I believe 9 volt is the threshold.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Load test the battery, I bet its bad
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    If you can get your hands on a manual you can test the coil and cam sensor on a non running engine. If you can't post and I'll get you the values to check for. I just finished checking my 96. Should be easier to check out a dead engine then one like mine that only acted up now and then.

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    As with all things, go back to the basics: 3 things needed for internal combustion engines. Fuel, Ignition and Air (Compression). Given as you have a 1995, a carbureted V-Twin...the easiest thing to check first, if starter is turning engine easily (not labored)...and battery operation reasonably up to snuff...

    1.) Fuel, turn petcock past to prime/reserve. Retry, if not, pull air cleaner cover and look into throat, if you have accelerator pump rolling on the throttle should see and smell strong squirt of fuel.

    2.) Ignition, pull plugs, do they look reasonably clean, not fouled?...stuff rag in open port, replace boot contact firmly with tight plug nipple, and ground shell to the head (checking for spark that jumps gap...open air should be easy to check for strong spark from both...

    3.) Compression check next...of course by the time your read this part you are already thinking, I need a service manual or check should check the HDTimeline Self Help section to find more troubleshooting tips...

    Sorry, very tired now, the point being that sometimes " Won't start" will cause some to stray from the basics, especially if we do not know what the conditions were before during and after the first failure occurred. Sometimes problems can be "self inflicted", and often the problems are basic, rather than complex...
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