Wont start after new battery installed/07 1200 sport

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    A friend of mine has a 07 1200 sport that needed a new battery...

    Put in a new battery and now it won't start.

    He said the security fob battery is good.

    I told him a Trick:

    reverse the fob battery's and try it.

    (it did not work on his sport):(

    IT Did just work on a similar 08 SG having the same problem after replacing the battery...Light but no pre prime pump or start JUST like the sport.

    Reversing the fob batteries on the 08 SG and it started right up.....

    Trick???... :dknow

    This 07 injected sporty bike is a phone repair and I am Not looking at it.

    Jack (friend/owner of it) says the negative and positive are clean and a new battery installed but No-go when trying to start.Kicks over but NOTHING...

    I think it may be in the security system.

    What do you think if above is correct?

    Give it a shot in the Dark please:D


    Hopefully another "Jack" will become a Member here...
  2. Hoople

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    Won't start but does it crank. Security inhibits cranking. If it cranks, it's not a security issue.
  3. Hoople

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    Here's a little more to speed up the process.
    Perform a WOW test to see if there are any stored codes. If engine does crank and has no codes, check for spark by cranking the engine while using a spark gap testing tool (or home made tool). Be sure both plugs remain in the cylinders. The ECM must see compression strokes for the coil to fire. If you see a healthy 1/2" spark, remove the air cleaner and spray some fuel in the throttle body and crank engine again. Does it now kick off?

    If there was no spark during the spark test, check all fuses. If fuses are all good, check for battery voltage on the Yellow/Green wire going to the coil when the ignition is ON and engine Kill/Run switch is in RUN position.

    If there was a code, check that out 1st. If engine does not crank, post back.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Jack must still be working. No Answer on his phone.. I sent him the information you posted..

    Yes he said yesterday that it cranks but nothing... no poppety-pop...

    can't hear the fuel pump pump either. I think he also said No gauge lights.

    The information you just gave will be tried out later tonight. (probably)

    Thanks so far Hoople. You Da Man....:D

    I may have to Jeep out there wed and look. I'm not far from him.

    No riding on the bike for a few days Nice Monsoons right now... MUD all over the pavements.

    I like the Idea for the X spark-plug to test Under compression. and spray raw gas into the venture's to get it to POP IF it has spark.

    He mentioned checking the fuses. the biggest on that sport, he saying 30 amps.

    I know the bike and can't believe he Just replaced the battery and Now is having this problem.

    WE shall see...

  5. STEVE07

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    When removing the old battery or installing the new one he may have not followed the procedure of removing the ground wire first and installing it last. If he shorted across to the frame when installing the + cable he may have just simply blown a fuse. Tell him to take a test light and check all of the fuses.