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Had 1,000 service done at dealer's where they added S E slipons and supposedly k&n air filter w/harley map done also. 5,000 mi service done at another dealer My question is is the air filter I have is stamped k&n , made in usa, and # A063A4 , but I cannot find a k&n part # that matches this filter is round whereas the filters I checked out on line for my model were "oval". any comments answers
If I read your question correct, you are looking for the K&N part number for the K&N filter to fit the stage 1.

If so that part number would be HD 0800 and you should be able to have a store like autozone, NAPA order it for you and the cost is $43. It takes a day or two to get it but worth the wait.

That number you posted ( A063A4 ) IS a K&N number stamped on the filter but they go by the number HD 0800 for ordering.

It's all in here.
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Thank's Glider,
I am glad to find out that it was the correct filter, bought the recharge kit at Advance Auto for $12.:D