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    I have an 06 Roadking custom and just had some tires replaced when I picked it up the right turn signal didn't work so when I got home I took the right control apart and found the switch button was broken. I put the new button on and the turn signal worked. so I reassembled it. when I got it back together the turn signals both left and right didn't work and the starter didn't work either. I checked all fuses and everything was fine I took it back apart and back together and still no starter or turn signals. What did I do wrong and how do I figure out the problem and fix it.
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    Go back to what work you just performed and test everything with the covers off. You probably pinched or loosened a wire during reassembly. If it pinched, you will probably have to splice it or at least cover the casing where the wire is now exposed causing a ground.
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    Agree with Dan.1977 on this. When I put new grips on had the exact problem, found a wire pinched and exposed, blew the starter fuse when I tried to crank it. Pulled it apart and wrapped shrink wrap around it, gingerly put it back together, problem solved. Good luck!
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    Also check to see if the wiring runs inside the fender and has been frayed or cut by the tire. May not have showed up before the switch was fixed. That could have shorted a fuse.