Wiring Pin-Outs for Speedo Kit 67027-96C

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by WWC1, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Would anyone have the wiring pin-outs for HD Speedometer kit 67027-96c? I have the kit and the loose connectors but I've lost the documentation on which pin is what. Thanks in advance.
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    I found the answer myself elsewhere on another forum posted by DrHeathenScum. I then proved the following leads and was able to power up and trip the odometer/trip odometer. My particular speedo did not have all the lamps mentioned but all the other leads worked. I hope others will benefit from the following list of pin outs. Thanks to DrHeathenScum for his post.

    1 - Accessory power (12v+, orange w/white)
    2 - trip switch
    3 -
    4 - check engine light
    5 - security light
    6 -
    7 - speed sensor ground (ground to VSS. Black on VSS)
    8 - speed sensor power (12v+ to VSS. Red on VSS)
    9 - speed sensor signal input (VSS Output. White on VSS)
    10 - GROUND
    11 - trip switch
    12 - speed output (for turn signal module)