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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bobbyg, Mar 7, 2011.

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    So, I decided to go ahead and install those chubby 508 handlebars on my king this weekend. Was a relativiely striatforward deal. Requires a lot of patience but, really wasn't that difficult to do.
    Extending the wires so I could run them inside the bars was the hardest part. after much care and checking and rechecking, I plugged everything in and tried to check my work, i.e., verifiy everything worked.

    Turned the ignition switch on verified neutral, hit the horn button, figuring it would be the easiest first check, and the starter kicks in, as if I had hit the start button.

    Realized immediately...there was a problem. As soon as I started checking things out, realized what I had done wrong. I had plugged the harnesses in wrong!! Right side was plugged into left and left was plugged into right!
    So, hoping it was only that, I plugged them in CORRECTLY this time and began my checkout process again.

    Turned on the ignition switch, immediately noticed, no head or running lights,
    tried the horn, at least it works, but no turn signal, I can hear the fuel pump when I turn on the kill switch but, the starter won't engage.

    Checked all the fuses. All are good. Is this a TSSM thang?

    I know my wiring is good, I have obviously blown/tripped something electrically but am a little puzzeled as to why after clearing the obvious problem and verifying there are no blown fuses, why...it won't work.

    Any ideas guys?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You could have tripped an auto reset circuit breaker and it is either stuck, or junk. Or, worse case scenario, you could have melted something to a ground, and that is why the breaker won't reset.
    From here, what I would do, is start checking with a volt meter to see where the power stops. That is where your problem is. It will take a bit of time, and also some patience so be ready for that. It would help if you had a schematic next to you when you do this, one for reference and two so you can check off circuits as you verify they are not the problem.
    Good luck, let us know what you find!!
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    Okay...stand down...

    Knew it had to be something simple, so I walked away from it a couple days so i would'nt start tearing into things and cause more problems than i already had.

    Turns out I had put the light fuse back in the wrong slot/row in the fuse panel and the same with the start relay when I initially started checking for problems. Moved them both over a slot and guess what? All is well....and i feel really stoooopid.

    But...I'm really familiar with the inner workings of the electrical system of my bike now...:)
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    Glad it was a simple fix. sometimes is best to walk away & let your eyes uncross...