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    So, today I got the side car off my bagger & tucked all the extra wire away. I confirmed that no wires are touching anything. So my right hand running/turn light does not function. I took the cover off & checked the bulb which is good so I have no power. Is there any junction blocks that I should be aware of or do I start a process of elimination? My ride is an 88 electra glide classic with a 1340. I will get up to speed as soon as I can with this bike but it has been years sinse I wrenched on a Harley. My last one was a 67 shovel so im in the dark!:help
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    There should be some connectors in the harness, check going back into the bike on those wires to see if you have power on them. A service manual would have the wiring diagrams for that bike.
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    (EDIT) is "wireing"? Is that German, or something?

    racklefratz, Its not German or something. It is called a tiepo error.

    Oh man, did I just type tiepo wrong ?
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