Winterizing and Battery Charging

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by DDogg, Sep 8, 2008.

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    First let me say I'm 55 years old and I'm a new Fat Bob owner. Had a couple bikes years ago and now the kids are gone, it was time to buy a new one.
    Back 30 years ago, I didn't care about winter care for my bike. Being honest,
    I don't remember what I did. First, I read were THE TENDER is what I should use to keep a charge on the bike during the winter. THE TENDER will NOT over charge the bike. Second, what is the best way to do this. If I'm not going to ride from November til say March or April, should I remove the battery or just put the charger on it. Thirdly, do I have to remove the seat to get the battery out or just the side cover. Also, any and all recommendations about winterizing your bike would be appricated greatly. I'd love to here what others do. I live in Michigan so our winters run from November til April.
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    I have a battery tender for my heritage... check out the pic
    [​IMG] connect the quick plug to your battery terminals ...then you just plug in the tender whenever you need without having to remove seat each need for alligator clips.... works great.:D
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    You'll find all sorts of winterizing info in this forum.

    General Tips - Harley Davidson Community

    Generally on the dynas, you have to remove the seat to get to the battery terminals and to remove the cover over the battery. If you install the pigtail to the battery for the battery tender shown above, it will only be once you remove the seat for battery charging to install the pigtail.
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    Just got through putting the leads on my Heritage for my Tender. Could not do without one for caring for the battery during the winter. I first started using a Tender on a formula Ford race car I use to race and knew then I had to have one for just about everything that has a battery. I had to get one for my sister's
    Goldwing trike, they are killers on a battery. Really made her happy after the trike would not turnover after sitting for a month and a half.

    Just a quick tip, use some electrical contact grease on the battery connections for added protection against corrosion of the terminals. Heck, use the contact grease on any of your other electrical connections for that matter. It could save you some grief down the road somewhere.
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    x2 on being careful of where the charging device sits in relation to the bike, pipes, etc. I remove the battery so that I dont have to worry about my dogs running by and getting tangled or my clumsy butt tripping over the extension cord etc. Imagine how mad you would be if you tripped over the cable and put a big ding in the bike.
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    I appreciate all the help and knowledge Glider. Your information is priceless.