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    OK some dumb newbie questions, what specifically needs to be done to winterize a bike? Like the guy a couple links down, it’s been 25 years since my last bike and I can’t remember. Other than taking the battery out and keeping it charged what specifically needs to be done to the bike? Oil change, drain the fuel tank, official HD servicing? Any of those? Anything else?

    Is it not good to park it in the corner and leave it on the kick stand all winter? Does it have to be on a rack perfectly straight up and down? OK to leave tires on the ground?
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    This is what I do to my 07 Fatboy and the womans 05 Fatty.......

    Drain engine oil.

    Fill gas tank and add stabilizer per instructions on container.

    Pull battery and store in a warm dry place. I usually place it on a wooden shelf in the basement.

    Wash and wax and make the bike nice and shinny.

    Position it against the back wall of the garage and cover.

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    There's a few topics on winterizing in the self help forum in this section.

    General Tips - Harley Davidson Community
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    I put Stabile in the gas tank (full), put the battery on tender, And wait for the one or two nice days when I can bundle up in layers of clothes and RIDE. If the battery is out and the bike is up on blocks, how do you take advantage of those 50 - 60 degree days that come every winter that you could ride (if only for a half hour or so till your fingers start to numb?LOL)Granted, I've only been riding for three years so others know alot more than I do, but I do start my bike at leat once a week and if at all possible,ride it at least around our development before putting it away again.
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    man i'm glad i live in georgia so i don't have to put the bike up. i can add a few layers of clothes and take off.
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    You need to winterize the rider not the bike. Brake out the heavy leather jacket, chaps, insulated gloves/boots and don't forget the anti-freeze after the ride at your local pub. Easy for me to say---I live in the south.
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    Kinda hard to ride in the snow. Plus all of the salt that could get in wierd places underneath. Salt is not the bikes friend. The joys of Michigan.
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    I winterize the same way, but will add a full-face helmet to keep my ears and nose from stinging in the cold breeze.

    I love living in the south! :D
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    Same here, these South Jersey winters really don't exist anymore. It really is only cold at the end of December through the end of February. Last year was like a three month winter.

    I myself keep the bike on some old carpet and keep it covered. I check the bike from time to time and polish it and check for any pitting or rust. I try to ride on those days that hit in the upper 50's. We get alot of them through the winter. I also keep a battery tender. I have read that some guys put charcoal around the bike and some others say they keep some charcoal on the seat on a plate. I have never went that far.
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    From Michigan, where abouts? I'm here in the Mount Clemens area. It's suppose to be 74 today and sunny. Great riding. But I agree. Salt is bad. Salt will never touch the underside of my baby.