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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Hughey79, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Well it appears that the Iowa weather has begun its transition to fall already and the temps will be getting down to the 40's at night with rain in the forecast pretty much everyday. The idea of winter is fast approaching. So I am beginning to contemplate my winter mods.
    So to start here is what I have. A 2005 FXDI with V&H Big Shot Staggards with quiet baffles, stage 1 download. PC III and K&N open air filter. It has been dynoed from a dealer to the South of me. This was a year ago and it was said to be at 80 hp and 84 ft lbs. Decent.
    Here is what I am thinking of going with. Head Quarters 0034 cams and the Screamin Eagle Heavy Breather. I like the look of the new air element and heard nothing but good things about these cams.
    Here are my concerns and questions. I have the quiet baffles, will this truely hamper my performance after the work? I like the sound better with them in. Will I lose any power with the new air filter over what I am using now? I know I will need a new dyno with the installation of the cams, however should I go with gear driven or chain driven?
    I had planned on doing them myself but I am kind of thinking about having an Indy or dealer do them when labor is cheap.
    I do not plan on doing anything further for mods. No head porting, no top end work at all. Just want a little more oommph if you will. I would like any opinions and/or advice you may have. Thank you in advance and for reading this long post.