Winter oil changes

Discussion in 'Oil' started by tsp45acp, Sep 14, 2008.

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    My 08 Sportster will be my daily driver except on rainy days. I live 8 miles from work and cold doesn't bother me, so 45-50 mpg vs. 16-18 mpg----you do the math.

    Anyway Sat. night driving thru downtown Greensboro--lot of stop lights, took about 20 mins to get thru, and I noticed my check engine light kept coming on pretty much everytime I stopped and would stay on for a few seconds after I started moving and sometimes stayed on longer. When I got home, started looking thru the owners manual for trouble shooting tips and read that it says to change your oil every 1500 miles if not run for extended periods or a lot of short trips (in cold weather). .

    My question: I plan on doing regular rides on weekends, but as stated work is only 8 miles away. How often should I change it and should I use a diff oil than in the summer? Thanks.

    Have 700 miles now and service will be real soon, Suggestions or tips on what to switch to. Tracy

    P.S. Never did find anything on the check engine light---I'll call the dealer on Mon.
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    try to pull the codes and see what it says the way to do it is listed in the self help section ..

    as for oil change i would do it as manual recommends with such short trips
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    Here's for the codes to see what they are and the oil in your case would be 20/50 year round and do it every 3000 with a filter.

    08 07 DTC Codes - Harley Davidson Community