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Winter Mods


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Hey everybody just wanted to post some of the mods I made on the bike over the winter....

V&H Fuelpak, which made a huge difference in the way the bike runs

Screamin eaglet Stage 1 air filter kit (waiting till my wallet agrees with the K&N filter for it)

A taller sissy bar, I had one of those short rail sissy bars on it and the mrs. hated it. So I got her a medallion style gloss black one with the embossed bar and shield pad, she says that it looks like it might help her back and bottom when we ride long distance. I managed to get welders flash burn in my eyes as one of the bolts in the old sissy bar stuck and I had to weld another bolt onto it because I stripped out the torx head. Worst pain I ever felt in my life, but she has a new sissy bar now, so I better not hear any complaints... And I learned a valuable lesson about welding, which is that just a second without a hood (I used the look and close your eyes technique) is all it takes to put you in a world of pain

4" gloss black risers, for my back and I love the way they look. I managed to make all the stock wiring and brake line work, I had to reroute some of the wiring and tweaked the brake line ever so slightly, but it worked. I am going to change the brake line ASAP to a braided one piece version. I really considered apes, but I think a lot of nightster owners are going the ape hanger route, I wanted something a little different

Still to come:

V&H staggered shortshots in black of course, or some other comparably priced black exhaust setup.

Wide white walls if I can find them (probably next winter the my tires are still in pretty good shape)

I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to post pictures.

Would love to see those pics. Looking at adding a sissy bar myself. I think I will poke around the gallery and see what 1200Ns are posted there. I am still finding my way around here. :29: