Winter: Flat spots: Should I move my bike

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DDogg, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. DDogg

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    This is my first winter owning a Harley. Let's say you don't own a hoist. I have my FatBob sitting on wood on a cement garage floor. To avoid flat spots on the tires, should I move it every couple weeks or is it o.k. just sitting in the same spot for 4 months. I plan on buying a hoist but money is tight right now. I've read all sorts of tips for winter storage but nothing has come up regarding the tires or rolling the bike around every once in a while. My FatBob is close to 700 lbs. He's sleeping with a cover but I'm worried about the tires. I'm I worring just to worry or should I move my baby every other week?
  2. biscuit

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    I think that's a good idea.I own a Triumph that sits without being used for weeks at a time.The rear wheel is off the ground on a paddock stand,but the front is always in contact and carrying weight.I've always made it a point to rotate the front wheel every couple of weeks.It WONT hurt anything,but could save you some grief,especially with the beef of a 'Bob.
  3. whatyardwork

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    Odds are you'll find yourself sitting on it more than once anyway so rolling it forward abit cant hurt.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Absolutely - one more reason to go out to the garage and have some alone time with your baby and fire up the wife's jealousy!
  5. DDogg

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    Dr. Doo you are so right. I've made it a point to go out to the garage and take a look. Mostly to make sure my Tender is working. I know pretty soon I'm going to hear the wife say, "Now what are you doing". I appreciate the feed back. Again first winter for my FatBob. Back in the 70's when I got my first Triumph, winter storage meant, park in back in the snow and forget. Now I'm so anal about it, I can't stand thinking about her just sitting in the cold. I'm going to be getting a hoist, but for now, I'll just tell the wife I need to roll her around a little. I was going to go out and clean her up a little (it's 15 degrees outside), but again, I can hear the wife, "You haven't ridden it, what the heck ya cleaning it for. I call her FatBob. Boy would I get an ear full if I called her Baby.
  6. threesteps

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    I live in a warmer climate where my bike doesn't sit for months. However, if I'm in a period of cold weather or feel sure I'm not riding for a while I also put a few extra pounds of air in the tires. Don't know if it helps but I do it. Haven't tried moving the bike but it seems that would have to help.
  7. Steve Di.

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    I am storing my Heritage Softail on a Sears Dolly/Jack. The jack keeps both wheels off the ground and allows me to pull the bike out of its corner in the garage to work on it. The jack/dolly can be bought for around $94 and is worth it.
  8. Mattman4403

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    Best if you get it rolled around some. You could always take a bag of trash out and say since I was out there, well, it could work?
  9. gunnut

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    Mines stored some 8 km from my house,but being a disciple of the great god Harley,I attend to my owners dutys religeously every 2 weeks,which includes polishing and a good eyeballing,so she gets moved anyway.But like the others have said, it,what can it hurt???
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    As Gunnut says, what can it hurt moving it around, or you can use your motorcycle centerstand/jack to basically unweight the suspension and wheels 1/2 the travel or so, if you have one, if concerned...:dknow