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    I saw that a previous post was closed so I started a new one.

    98 low rider - used to store in my heated garage but am moving and will use an unheated garage that the mice/squirrels love.

    My cotton pull over cover has always done great work but I have not had moisture or rodent concerns.

    I want a good way to keep dust and moisture off. Plus - are rodents getting into the wires a risk?

    let me have it compadres

  2. dbmg

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    You definitely need to do preventative maintenance as to rodents. If the can fit heir head in they will enter bike and nest along with eating wiring and what ever else tastes good. Hopefully you have a electrical outlet for battery tender.
    My garage is in the house though not completely heated. I clean bike cover with sheet then cover with motorcycle cover. I plug exhaust and set a couple traps for 1st time last year mice got in garage and I caught them. Found acorns under seat and air filter assembly this is why traps were set.
  3. JerryL

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    Stuffing rags into the ends of your pipe might deter rodents from entering through there. Rodents will wreck havoc on a bike if allowed to get to them. You might want to invest in one of the blow up bubbles to put you bike in.
  4. fin_676

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    I put a heavy cotton dust cover over my bike when it is resting in the winter and i do not have a problem with rodents because my cat kills most of them although sometimes he brings them into the house alive and the dog gets them and kills them

  5. Jack Klarich

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  6. gusotto

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    Moth balls help.
    Steel wool in the mufflers and seal up the A/C. Mice can crawl in and build a nest in the cylinder. Big problem when spring comes and you have a nest in there.
  7. Iceman24

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    Would it be hard to plug/seal the garage w/insulation foam & lay rodent traps/poison around to control the vermin? I'd seal & kill the rodent problem then cover/secure bike on lift & place mothballs, damp-rid paks and poison all around. Wouldn't even hurt to get a cat in there to lay some scent...
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    Or maybe park it in the living room....:s
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    Excellent suggestions. People underestimate the damage that rodents do. And you're right, prevent them from entering the garage/home in the first place. ;-)
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    I wish I had room...

    Ours stay in an unheated space. But just like everybody else said, try to plug all the holes, both on the bike and in the building. I use mouse poison, traps, and mothballs all around. I don't have power to the storage shed so the batteries come out and get put in warm place for the winter.