Windshields for 07 FXSTC

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by johnnylowery, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. johnnylowery

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    Looking for the best quick release windshield and also saddlebags.
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  2. bikermonkey

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    Your Softail custom will love a new HD quick disconnet windscreen.

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    Welcome Johnny to HDTimeline, you will find a lot of good information here to make your reading after riding experience pleasant and entertaining. Do you have your copy of the HD Parts and provides you with a lot of ideas...but be careful, while it is free, it could cost ya! :D

    HD QR Windshield looks good, fits perfectly and works well...just make sure you get the proper height so you can see over it 2" below the horizon when sitting on your bike. :coffee

    HD saddlebags are okay, but you may want to look at OEMs like Leatherworks and others...use the search tab to find different vendors, to get exactly the right leather quality, mounting, fit and look you want. OR go to hard bags, which are expensive. :)
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    I have an 07 softail custom and originally bought the HD quick release windshield. After installing it I experience the worse buffeting experience I've ever had on a bike. My head shook so bad the it blurred my vision and gave me a headache. After doing a lot of research I figured out that the air I was experiencing was coming from the bottom of the windshield. One recommended fix was to install a set of lowers. HD does not make lowers for the custom. I had to return the windshield which cost me a 20% restocking fee. I then came across the switchblade windshield that has lowers as an optional attachment at My buffeting problem was solved but not without a lot of expense. I have also added a set of mustache bars which I love and further reduce the amount of air coming from under the windshield. Hopefully you won't have this problem if you decide on the HD windshield but, if you do the lowers will probably solve your problem.