Windshield mod?

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    Hi guys,

    Last year we purchased a used nightster 1200 for my wife. It was the first bike she could sit on and have both feet firmly on the ground if needs be. The prior owner had a good deal of custom shop work and accessorizing done, so when the dealer came out with a price lower than the 2010 nightser (plain) the deal was done. The bike had 1018 miles on it when we purchased it.

    It has been lowered by factory mods, stage 1 camset, screaming eagle air box, V&H shorties, and a host of gingerbread like stainless cables and such.

    Her complaint is that the top of the windshield is directly in her line of sight when looking down the road.

    Dealer says all the sporty windshields are the same height. Her is the clamp on the top of the shock tower version. The way the front end is made there is no room to move the clamps up or down.

    When I examine the edge of a new windshield it feels like a band saw or fine sabre saw cut that has been cleaned up with a file, then emery. If that's the case then a winshield can be any height we want it, right here in my shop.

    So what's the best way to lower the height of her windshield?

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    The key is to have the top edge 2-3" below your sight cutting the height is the easiest way, or compromise and order the slightly smaller HD QR Windshield which is comparably priced and "lightly" tinted (this is what I did only I found one here at HDT for sale so I was set). Happy, and being 5' 6" in height with XL1200RS it worked out for is 14" instead of 18" which works out fine. :D