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Windshield for my 06 sporty


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I am looking for a windshield for my 06 sporty dont have alot of cash but wanting something cheap or trade,i have a brand new sportster seat take off of same bike to trade for windshield not even 5 butt miles on seat,let me know if anyone can help?

I have an 02 hugger, I got the harley quick release windshield but the wind buffeting just beat the heck out of my head so I got the tallest aftermarket glass I could find that fits the harley hardware. the OEM shield is 18 inches high, the new one I got is 20.5. I still can look over the top but I don't suffer from the buffeting anymore.

Now the problem is it doesn't look too cool! big ole shield on a sportster. is there a different shape shield that maybe deflects the wind better so I don't get beat to death but can still look reasonably cool?

Try going back to the shorter one and get some lower fork deflectors. They will spoil the air coming up from the bottom of the windshied and minimize the buffeting. Also, don't give up after just one ride with it in one postion. The same WS can go from extreme buffeting to almost nothing at all when adjusted to find that sweet spot. May take multiple tries.

I thought the buffeting came from over the top. Never thought of it coming from under? I didn't see any adjusments, I'll look again

It can come from the top, but in most cases, the serious updraft from the bottom is the main cause. If you put the big one back on, get up to about 55mph and hold your hand palm toward windshield, and move it around behind the windhield. You will see where the major sources of turbulence is coming from. In my case, it was coming from right at the bottom corners and shooting up both sides of my body up to my helmet.