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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Beaver, Aug 1, 2008.

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    I am a brand spanking new rider with 15 miles of riding experience. I already know that I would like to add a windshield to my Sporty. Especially since I want to do long distance touring until I am ready for a Road King. HD has four choices: Super Sport, Compact, Touring and King-Size. Super Sport is too little so that's out. They say the Compact has a "King size shape with a minimalist edge." What does that mean? For the Touring model they say it adds maximum protection around helmet and hands. Okay...that sounds more like what I need. However, they confused me by offering the "King-Size" windshield: "Nothing gets pass this one".

    So can anyone translate those descriptions into real life terms for me?

    After I decide which style to buy then I will need to decide what profile to buy. The Standard size is for 5'-10" riders and the Low Profile is 3" lower which means its for 5'-7" riders. I am 5'-8" tall. Any comments or suggestions for me.

    Thanks, Beaver
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    Beaver, welcome to the Harley family! I'm just up the road in Bedford. Not familiar with the sporty windshields, but you might also look at the aftermarket ones made by Memphis Shades. Very good quality, and likely cheaper than the HD models. If possible, try and sit on a bike with the windshield you are thinking about, and see how you like it. Most folks like to be able to see just over the top of the windshield, but be able to duck behind it for rain. Also depends on how much wind you want on how big you go with the windshield. You might even check online. There are several places that sell them.
    Ride safe!
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    Touring model - extends a bit wider to push the air past your hand grips, and probably is a little taller, designed to keep as much wind off of you at all times.
    King Size - I believe this one is just a tall and wide one, if you look at the shields from sides you can see the difference in how they are made.

    I've been looking at them myself, so narrowed my choice down to the HD Standard Height I believe, but waiting to find one I can rig up to my bike to see if I like the height. Per TKMikey goal is to be able to look over the windshield while riding, not through it, will get difficult in the rain.
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    Have you checked our self-help section on here??? Might be some info there.
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    Are they all the quick disconnect type? This is a definite plus so you only have to ride with the windshield when you really need it.
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    I went with the HD quick-release windshield 58063-04 model. I usually ride around town with it removed, and just install for those road rides with the touring group from my office.

    I also went with the HD Sundowner seat, designed for touring. The stock seat just does not cut it after 150 miles. With these two changes, I ride 360+ miles a day with the gang with no problems.

    There are many other windshields available (the Klockwerks is a favorite with riders around here), and seats from Mustang and Corbin are also popular. If you will perform some searches over the last couple of months on this forum, you will find several discussions on subject of windshields and seats.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Before I asked my question I did search the self help and did a search to read all the previous windshield questions. None of them had anything to say about the widths of the shields only the heights. Anyhow here is an update on what I found out. There are only three choices for the Sportster. There is no "King-size" shield. The part in the catalogue I was looking at was a general information for all windshields. The king-sized shield is for the bigger bikes. Also there is only one height choice per style in the official HD store catalog for the Sporster. I thought that odd because the online catalog shows that the Compact comes in low-profile as well as standard.

    Last night I purchase the "Compact" shield because the parts manager said that was the most popular purchase for the Sportster. Over 90% of the riders bought the Compact. I rode home with it and sort-of-kinda liked it. The standard height was just fine for my 5'-8" height so I was relieved about that. Although the wind was off my head and chest, my shoulders were still taking a beating. I believed that the Compact width of 19.7" was too narrow for me as I have a very wide body. So this afternoon I returned the Compact and purchased the "Touring" shield. The width of the shield is 22.1" so I hope the extra width will help. I haven't ridden with it yet so I will let you know how I like it tomorrow. By the way I was worried that the dealer would not let me return the shield, but there was no problem at all. Good for them!
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    OKAY! The touring windshield works just great. It looks fine too.
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    how about a picture?