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Will you ride with a Passenger?

I will not take anyone on my bike with me. It is not that I am not a good rider, it really just makes me nervous to have that much responsibilty over someone elses life. If I were to hit a stone wrong it could kill us both, I just can't live with that.
You've got to hit a pretty big rock for something like that to happen. I pack my wife as often as I can. I enjoy riding and love sharing it with her.
Not much scares me I can ride all day with passenger or not but will be sure to watch for those rocks you mentioned:)
I do not take anyone as a passanger with me. I guess that I might if I had someone but my wife has passed on and I could not imagine being with any other woman, so I doubt that I will ever have anyone ride with me.
I can't wait to take my girlfriend on a ride with me. She has never been on a bike before and I think that she is going to love it. Another thing that I can't wait to do is get some pictures of her naked on my bike!
As a woman, I really am not comfortable with a man passenger riding behind me and I think people might get the wrong idea if I had another woman on the bike. I really think that it is safer to ride alone.
I am a woman and I have a niece that loves to ride with me and I see nothing wrong with it as long as all of the saftey precautions are taken. I alway wear a helmet and so does she. I also go a lot slower and drive a bit more cautious when I have a passenger.
Doesn't bother me riding a passenger.We are all responsible for someone else no matter what we do I think.Take saftey course and see will that help you out any.Don't want to be a loner always do you?
Sure I will as long as I don't have to return the favor, I do not like to be the passenger.Had a bad wreck while I was on the back one time and do not wish to repeat.
I don't like being a passenger on somebody else's Harley and as a woman I tend to find that a lot of guys refuse to ride with me because I'm a female driver. I don't understand that so maybe someone could explain it to me LOL