Will it make a difference?

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    I have a new 2011 Street Glide completely stock 103. I want to install a Dobeck, my question, will it help reduce the heat? I plan to install a K&N air filter in the near future and replace mufflers at some point since I like the sound of the stock on the bike.

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    My 2008 Electra Glide runs hot. After fussing with it for over three years I finally installed a Stage 1, using a Dobeck (TFI) fuel management system. It definately cooled the bike down. She still runs hot but is at least bearable. I recommend running a good synthetic oil in the bike as well. Without the full stage 1 I doubt you will notice much difference in heat.
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    The factory map in these bikes are lean which causes them to run hot. Adding fuel has a cooling effect besides running much better. It will result in a cooler and better running bike.

    The TFI is the way to go IMO. It's cost efficient and easy to install and is very user friendly.

    Check out the options here...

    TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck - Harley Davidson Community

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    When I bought my new 09 FLHR and rode it home from Oregon to Wa.
    I really felt the heat Like You do..

    My wife noticed the NEW found Heat from the traded off FXDS TC, and mentioned it was HOT..

    Yes it was a new Different bike, but the TFI, Installed With the full stage one package my self (SE air/V&H exhaust slip-ons both big holes ones,,,same as right side not the left stock side, No tinny sound this way) and the TFI adjusted at recommended settings coming with it... then setting the green pot #1 at the proper setting for My bike, did the trick..

    My wifes First ride on the bike was WOW what did you do...:D:D

    Maw-maw happy ever-body HAPPY...

    Now I'm NOT going to tell you a STORY to just get you to go with TFI as I make Nothing out of it but the Pleasure of YOUR new found riding experience...

    The OFF the floor HD's of today ESPECIALLY the New Designed STROKER motor set-up IS HOT and I mean HEAT Hot... Starved for PROPER fuel mix by EPA. Choked by Holding IN the Heat (Air in, Exhaust out choked )

    The way I would of rather seen the design on a stroker motor go (unlike this motor) is When giving rod length the full 4.375" ,,, Increase the Cylinder length the same..

    This new design didn't increase both equally, fudging some, INSTEAD of increased= cylinder length,they moved the wrist pin UP al little to the top side and removed some of the piston Skirt to allow the NEW longer stroke motor... not the best way in My book....

    This above made the Motor in our bikes Run Hotter..

    Doing the TFI with no other mods Will make a Noticeable Difference with the off the floor bike, as they ALL run TOO lean.. BUT, Doing the Full stage one with TFI will Make it like WoW (wife-said)..

    The thing I see with the TFI is the simple suggest setting to use FIRST..
    Then the adjustment on pot one(green pot) IF Done Properly on this setting to personalize this setting with Your bike.... Following instructions on THIS setting will make the big difference. in your Runability..

    Easy to install and Hard to Beat the simplicity of the TFI.

    'Nough said...:newsmile011:

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    What BUBBIE said above is very true about the first pot setting. The fuel that is added with the first pot (low speed) will offset the factory lean settings. The factory map in most cases is lean on the bottom end which is what they have to do to pass the EPA testing but the mid to upper ranges are not lacking as much for fuel as the lower range is where you do most of the riding.
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    Read up on all your options from Dobeck. They have introduced some new options including a closed loop system that has been beta tested by a few of our members. Chopper has made some comments about his experience. You may want to consider this option too.