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Will engine overheat?


hi everybody,

I recently got caught in some real heavy traffic, mostly all stop and very little go. Is it possible for the engine to overheat? I have a temp gauge on the oil stick and it normally reads around 180. What would be too hot and time to pull over and let her cool down?

180F is no problem. If conventional oil you should start getting real concerned if it's above 240F. Excessive heat can severely reduce the lubricating properties of oil which leads to the most common form of heat damage to the engine. Syn can stand up to 300 but you might consider an oil cooler if it gets above 220F on a regular basis.

My harley has been up to 220+. That was a real hot day though. Here is what I have done.

1. Use a synthetic oil such as, mobile 1, amsoil, or royal purple.

2. Learn to split lanes.

It keeps air flowing and keeps you from being rear ended.

Ride Safe
Kuryakn makes a good oil cooler. You can add that to your bike. Once my oil gets up to about 230, I'm stopping. Just like your food will continue to cook when you full it off the stove, you may see a temp rise in your oil even after you stop as all of that hot oil drains back into the oil pan. By the time you've reached 240 it may be too late.