will 03 triple tree set fit a 06 ?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by garyhdxlc, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. garyhdxlc

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    I have been thinking of installing a mid or wide triple tree set on my 06 1200-C. Maybe a 3 degree rake [not sure about that rake part yet] A lot of you know that on 04 and up, H-D put on solid mount upper triple tree, and took out the rubber riser bushings. I know with some easy mods you can put the 03 and earlier upper tree with the rubber bushings on the 04 and up to take a lot of the handlebar vibs out. My 06 bars do not vib as bad as my 2000 did but if I can smooth them out even more, why not. But, if I was to get a 03 chrome triple tree set, would that fit on my 06 ? I know I can make the upper tree work, but I don't know if ther is some other deferences in the rest of the set, or the lower tree... thanks.
  2. Jcannon

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    You definatley don't want to be too short or long or else you will be nose diving or leaning backwards..